For design, installation and servicing of biomass heating systems all in one place.

We work with you to ensure that every consideration regarding your biomass project is discussed, confirmed and implemented.

We can design a District Heat Network (DHN) that meets your specific requirement, with access to manufacturers of either straw, logs, wood chip or pellets boilers designed around your needs and location.


Our experience in the agriculture and forestry sector enables us to also offer guidance on how to manage your own fuel supply to keep your future running costs as low as possible.

Biomass represents an opportunity for farmers and landowners to supply their own fuel and be less dependent on fuels where they cannot control the future costs.


With the government backed support in the form of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) it is possible to add an additional income stream to the business while reducing fuel costs.

Fuel selection and supply

Whether you plan to have all fuel delivered to site or to process your own, fuel delivery and handling is one of the most critical elements of designing a biomass system. If this part of the system is designed well, the installation will be a pleasure to live with and can save significant costs into the future.

By understanding the characteristics of the fuels and how their output relates to moisture content it is possible to make an informed choice on what fuel will be used and therefore what boiler will be most appropriate for each site.



Boiler selection

The most appropriate boiler for a given application will depend on a number of factors, including fuel selection, space available for the boiler and fuel supply, and what level of autonomous operation is required. By offering boilers with a proven track record and high efficiency it is possible to minimise your future running costs.


Heat distribution system

When replacing multiple boilers with one central boiler, it is important to optimise the efficiency of any heat distribution system. This involves designing a District Heat Network (DHN) with an emphasis on maximising efficiency through insulation and hydronic controls.




The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a government funded initiative to encourage more heat users to switch to a renewable source of fuel. The RHI offers an index linked payment for 20 years based on the amount of eligible heat used. By guiding you through the eligibility requirements it is possible to design a system to maximise the available return for the investment.




The attractive rate of return available from the RHI over the last few years has seen significant growth in the biomass sector with many companies starting to install biomass systems and District Heat Networks.


Some of these installations have been found not to offer the level of efficiency that was originally suggested with fuel use being far greater than expected. By analysing the specification of the products installed and the use of a thermal imaging camera, it is possible to see where heat loss is attributing to the higher running costs.


It is then possible to propose adjustments to the system to improve the efficiency saving costs year on year.

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