The New Full Hybrid Soltaro UK All in One Storage System 


Stop sending your unused power back to the grid. Store your unused solar power and use it at a time that suits you with an innovative Solar Storage Battery from Soltaro.

Sleek designs and flexible, bespoke solar energy systems make Soltaro the only name in expandable Solar Battery Storage systems for both domestic and commercial applications.


The batteries are lithium ion phosphate, giving you peace of mind on durability and safety.

Save money on your energy bills and store your unused electricity. Choose from a Hybrid battery or AC retro fit to your exisiting Solar system.

With so many models to choose from and expandable systems that can grow as your family or energy needs expand. Our intelligent back up energy storage systems can monitor your usage and keep the lights on, should there be an interruption to your power supply.


Our expandable battery storage solutions can be housed inside or outside in a number of configurations. Contact one of our in-house experts for advice on the system best suited to your needs.



  • Natural Convection, IP 65 for Indoor and Outdoor Installation.

  • Retrofit seamlessly with installed PV inverters.

  • Compact “all-in-one” system.

  • Smart Grid, Back-Up, Off/On Grid.

  • Intelligent storage management.

  • Seamless switchover to keep your power on during outage.

  • Simplicity of use and operation “Plug&Play” Installation.

  • Local and remote monitoring.

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