Why Go Solar?

It’s a smart business investment


With rising energy costs and low PV system prices, installing a system on your commercial property could be one of the smartest decisions you make.
Powering your rooftop or other unused space will create additional revenue for your business, or help cut energy costs and peak demand charges. Fast payback times are supported based on your local solar scheme and available solar financing options.

Become a green leader

Solar energy is free, clean, safe, and inexhaustible, making it the ideal energy source. Show your commitment to the environment by installing a solar system to cut your company’s carbon emissions, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for you and your local community.

Eco Mirage Ltd is directly authorised to support any commercial Solaredge system for your business. We complete full installations or new Retro fit installation inclusive of battery storage. 

Project Design


Our dedicated tools and engineering services help you see your System defined with 3D Viewing of the project on your property

Project Execution


Our advanced tools and features will assist us to easily and smoothly execute projects with detailed string plans and site awareness 

Operation & Maintenance


The Solaredge advanced monitoring platform allows you to guarantee system availability and high performance ratio for system lifetime

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