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Eco Mirage is delivering the latest technology with Permafrost VacSafe, and our partners Sunamp UK

Portable cold storage box for Covid-19 vaccine addresses logistics issues for care homes and GP surgeries and the World's answer to the Covid crisis pandemic.​​ Annual vaccine wastage is reported by the WHO to be as high as 50% per year globally. 


Having discovered this issue in the context of the global Covid-19 pandemic, thermal storage specialists Sunamp Ltd and their R&D Partner the University of Edinburgh have rapidly developed a manufacture-ready solution to the problem of safe vaccine transport and storage at -74C in the smaller quantities required by care homes and doctors’ surgeries & field hospitals.


UK Military Medical version displayed above



Refillable, or returnable for recharge, and is recyclable. We guarantee to take back the product at the end of your use life and repurpose it.


24 days

Maintains ultra-low temperatures for 24 days and more without the need for a direct power supply.



Small enough to be stored onsite in care homes and surgeries which means double doses can be delivered in one journey.


Less CO2

Produces less CO2 gas for safer storage, especially in confined spaces such as a cupboard.



Uses up to ten times less dry ice and a eutectic version at -74C is also available should dry ice supply become an issue.



Portable and robust for safe transportation by land sea & air, ideal for NHS & MOD applications inclusive of Blood transfer.

Permafrost VacSafe allows countries around the world to deliver temperature controlled medical supplies or food to hard to reach regions of the globe. 

The Permafrost VacSafeTM is a compact and portable cold box, designed to safely store lower number of vaccine vials at -74C for twenty-four days or more, vastly outperforming most solutions currently available on the market.

Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, the Permafrost VacSafe is flight safe, easy to dispatch and unique in its capability of vaccines delivery.

The new VacSafe prototype has now been completed for the MOD medical trial and development teams for field training purposes and will continue until 2022. 

Image by Ivan Diaz
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The importance of the logistical delivery of temperature-controlled medical supplies into the field quickly anywhere in the world, is paramount to any operation.

This is why we are taking these steps to provide the solution to our UK armed forces, United Nations, and Worldwide Agencies.


Vacsafe provides medical temperature-controlled supplies over Land, Sea, and Air Safely worldwide without any batteries or moving parts, which puts Vacsafe at the heart of any operation.

- Colum Ryan 

Co founder & director Eco Mirage

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