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Thermino e (UniQ eHW) - Designed to produce domestic hot water and is heated directly by grid electricity only. This can be used as a space saving and flexible alternative to a hot water tank with an immersion heater.


When combined with a charge timer and a variable electricity tariff, the Thermino e range allows for low cost electric water heating. The reduced size combined with the fact that the Sunamp does not need any venting allows for full flexibility in install location.


How is it charged?


By grid electricity using a 2.8kW immersion element.


What size of house should it be used in?


The Thermino 210 e (UniQ 9 eHW) would typically be installed in a 3 bedroom property as a rule of thumb.


How much energy does it store?


The Thermino 210 e can store around 10.5kWh, or approximately the equivalent of a 212L hot water cylinder.


Note: This unit weighs 185 kg and tilting beyond 45 degrees may damage the unit so keep this in mind when finding a site for it.

Sunamp Thermino 210 e

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