Commercial Battery Storage 

Smart Grid charging for off peak saves money

Many commercial and industrial users can already save money.

The hottest topic for 2018/19 is the use of  lipo4 hybrid battery storage.

The use of stationary batteries to store energy on commercial and industrial sites is on the rise, from about three megawatts (MW) in 2013 to 40 MW in 2016 and almost 70 MW in 2017 across the globe. The main reason is that costs have fallen sharply.

On this basis, we believe the market for distributed battery installations in the United Kingdom is set to expand rapidly as much as 50 percent a year. To date, such installations have primarily been deployed to manage. 

Eco Mirage is teamed with one of the worlds advanced battery manufacturers and now distributes high capacity storage solutions, here in the UK. 

We design with the manufacturer your batteries to:


 "store energy when prices are low and then release it when they are high saving money and controlling your own energy"

There are other possible benefits of on-site battery storage, too, for commercial and industrial customers. One is encouraging the use of solar by allowing its energy to be stored during the day and then released at night; another is back-up reliability and resilience.


The aggregation of distributed batteries into virtual power plants allows customers to sell power back to the grid. Battery manufacturers are creating easier solutions and improving their ability to identify the most attractive rates and smart software to track the rise and fall of energy.

Irradiance Levels on solar can indicate storage capacity 

Energy is already being bought and sold through with battery storage 

How much you can store depends on how much surplus you can generate... 

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