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Reducing your energy costs and usage 

As a UK’s leading independent installer of commercial rooftop solar PV we work with the some of the UK’s largest main contractors, M&E contractors, local authorities, universities, schools and retailers and are proud of our reputation for engineering excellence.


Our in-house teams of design engineers, electricians and roofers ensure the systems we install are delivered seamlessly and with the minimum of disruption. We experience a large amount of repeat business which testifies to our high level of customer satisfaction from our clients.

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Commercial Solar PV

We offer clients a simple path to becoming a greener, more energy-efficient, ready to tackle the future with reduced energy costs.

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Installing Solar Panel
How to get started?

Installing a Solar system is rising dramatically against the backdrop of increasing energy prices and the potential for long-term savings. For retrofit solar PV installations, we generally undertake a site visit before issuing a firm quote. 


At the site survey we confirm the available area for the solar panels, the location of the inverter, and cable runs from the solar panels to the inverter and the distribution board where the system is connected.


We also check for any potential shading of the solar panels from nearby trees and buildings. It only takes a small amount of shading to seriously affect the quantity of electricity a system will generate. Once having completed the survey, we can provide you with an estimate of expected electricity generation.

Generate your own electricity from the sun, not your energy supplier...
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