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Domestic Battery Storage

The batteries developing our future, today.

A solar battery, similar to any kind of battery, simply stores energy. By storing your solar energy within a solar battery, you end up with a supply of green energy to use whenever your home needs it. This comes extremely handy during the evening and night, when your solar panel system isn’t able to generate as much power. The benefits of home battery storage speak for themselves, but which solar battery to choose becomes a pressing question.

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With big names such as Tesla and Foxess and Huawei entering the energy game, the list of solar battery suppliers is growing rapidly giving you a wider choice when it comes to energy self consumption.


The important message anyone considering batteries is to make sure your installer is qualified by the manufacturer and has completed the training to install their battery. 

Monitoring platforms such as Shine or myengery Smart Monitoring, make it possible for users to view and monitor their energy usage. By gaining access to this data, each customer is able to view how much energy is being stored in their battery.


The user will also be able to see whether or not their battery is charging, and how much energy their solar PV system is generating. These monitoring platforms are usually accessible via an app on your phone or web browser.


To some users the ability to see how they are using their energy is invaluable, for less tech savy users this feature isn’t as important. 

Power - cut supply

Despite popular belief, not all solar batteries are capable of supplying energy during a power-cut. As your solar panels and battery connect directly to the main grid, your solar inverter will automatically switch off your system during a power cut. This is so that it is safe for the engineers to work on the grid. However, if your solar battery has back-up storage functionality you can still gain power.


Solar batteries which have back-up functionality have an auto transfer relay switch. As your solar panel system detects a drop in voltage on the grid, your home will automatically disconnect from the grid. Connecting to your solar back-up supply instead.


This is referred to as islanding. Islanding relies on a hybrid solar solution to provide an Emergency Power Supply (EPS). An EPS is designed to power your essential circuits during a power cut, and is usually priced as an upgrade. A hybrid solution with EPS, will still allow the batteries to charge from your solar when there is no grid supply.


Just like any household appliance, solar batteries also come with a warranty. The warranty of a solar battery is often an indicator of how long you can expect your home battery to last. Defined by the number of cycles the battery is able to complete. Usually, more expensive batteries include longer warranties, as the battery is more durable. 

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