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Sunamp thermal storage


Build for a brighter future. Empowering sustainable business with high performance energy storage solutions.

Taking control of your energy with the thermal heat storage system from Sunamp.


Whether you are a Commercial Business, Industrial Operation, Utility Company or Government, you can achieve greater control, reliability and security with Sunamp’s unrivalled Thermal Heat Storage solutions.

Sunamp Technology integrates seamlessly with energy sources to minimise peak energy usage, lower demand charges and generate new revenue streams from grid services and demand response programs.
























The Unique Thermal Storage Technology has been designed to give you greater control, reliability and security of supply for any size and scope of business.

Sunamp Heat and Cool storage systems allow you to solve daily challenges in new and innovative ways, storing and moving heat like an asset, saving energy costs and speeding up processes. They provide large scale static and transportable energy storage (60 kWh on a pallet to multiple MWh in a shipping container) which can store waste heat or be electrically charged with heat or cool on a schedule that minimises demand charges or optimises behind-the-meter electricity generation.


Grid electricity or solar pv

Mains water in

Hot water out 

Hot water from solar - Thermino Sunamp does it all Let's tell you about it! 
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