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Solar Panels on Rooftop


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Our quick top 5 tips about buying solar or batteries in the UK.


Choose MCS Approved 

Choose an MCS contractor they are regulated by industry standards and endorsed by an electrical authority ensuring their qualifications meet the required standards.

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Choose Local Contractors

Selecting local contractors not only contributes to the growth of your community's economy but also supports local employment.


In addition, their proximity ensures a faster response to any issues compared to national companies.

Most are usually 45mins away

Verify Manufacturers Installation Qualifications

Ensure the company installing your system possesses the necessary qualifications to match the products they offer. Failure to do so could impact your warranty from the outset.

Be cautious of fake reviews

Fake reviews are prevalent online, making it crucial to verify the legitimacy of testimonials. Request access to the installer's job monitoring platforms to view their completed local projects, providing tangible proof of their reliability.

Assess trading experience

In the ever-evolving solar industry, it's essential to inquire about the duration of the company's presence. Be cautious of newcomers, especially those who re-enter the market after the 2012 feed-in-tariff cessation. Ask specifically about their experience in solar and battery solutions, and exercise caution if the company has less than two years of relevant trading experience. ​


Our Team is qualified by the manufacturers to install more than just one system

The suit of manufacturers in the solar inverter and battery storage industry is characterised by a commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability.

Their contributions are integral to the advancement and widespread adoption of renewable energy technologies and these are our trusted team in Solar renewable technologies.

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