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Solar Engineering Consultancy

Solving the greatest societal challenges of our time is more relevant, demanding and inspiring than even before. Eco Mirage are proud to be at the centre of the green transition,

We can help fully design, procure and provide the team needed to install solar PV panels for your project.

Our ability to flex our Solar expertise and provide bespoke solar energy and Battery solutions means we can provide end-to-end solar consultancy and engineering for every aspect of a project, supporting you on feasibility/yield assessment, regulatory obligations, grid connection and environmental planning advice.

We can add multi-disciplinary value at every stage with electrical, mechanical and civil design solutions in addition to environmental and geotechnical consultancy. And with a wide network of partners, we can also connect the right technology, suppliers and contractors for each specific business case.

Low cost renewable energy

No immediate upfront costs or outlay

Stability and security 

Solar Panels

Feasibility, yield assessment & project investment appraisal

Investors and developers often require professional assessment and reporting of uncertainties related to the energy estimation and associated solar and meteorological data inputs. Our experienced consenting and environmental specialists provide relationship building with relevant planning authorities, statutory consults and the local community, 

Eco Mirage has the assessment tools and based on knowledge and leading-edge assessment tools derived from our long-term association with leading photovoltaics manufacturers. Our unique capabilities and experience leads developers and investors to us for reliable and independent assessment of long-term energy yield and related uncertainties.

Solar engineering & services grid connection consultancy

Grid connection is one of the key components to a successful solar project. Our experts can guide you throughout the solar PV system design to the grid integration process and offer an independent and flexible approach to enable successful delivery at every phase of the project.

From the early stages of site selection and feasibility, through to the project management of the construction phase, up to the project commissioning stage, we are here to help.

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