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G98 & G99 Applications

At Eco Mirage our trained and experienced engineers can perform this service for you, giving you peace of mind and certified approval.

How do G98 & G99  regulations
affect me?

The connection of any form of generator device to run ‘in parallel’ or ‘synchronised’ with the mains electrical utility grid has certain regulations that must be complied with. These regulations are commonly known as the G98 & G99 requirements and apply to Combined Heat & Power units, Solar PV and Generators being used for peak-lopping, or grid parallel use.

The electricity grid operators (known as DNO – District Network Operators), refer to these units as ‘embedded’ generators, because they are embedded within the electricity grid, as opposed to being at the source of the national grid such as a power station.

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Screenshot 2020-09-21 at 11.54.44.png
Screenshot 2020-09-21 at 11.54.44.png
How does my project become G98 & G99 certified?

Eco Mirage Ltd can manage the G98 & G99 application process, booking in of the DNO to witness the testing and perform the G99 tests.


We can also offer a full design & panel supply service for your G98 & G99 project and supply you with a suite of drawings and reports for your installation. 

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